Friday, June 15, 2012

Scrappy log cabin quilt

I'm much too too mean and stingy to throw away all those small scraps of fabric that are left over from previous patchwork projects.   So, as the scrap basket was beginning to overflow I decided that it was time downsize it.  A log cabin quilt seemed to be a an ideal project for using up my precious scraps.    After cutting all the bits into 1 inch strips I ended up with strips between two and ten inches in length.
 I divided the strips into two piles, one light and one dark.  After printing the log cabin quilt grids I found here onto Carol Doak's Foundation Paper it was time to start.
   You can sew easily onto this paper and it tears off rapidly after the block is finished. It takes me about half an hour to sew each 6 inch block.   Each central square is a nice bright red and then two adjacent sides are in light fabric and the other two adjacent in dark fabrics.
The best bit is that by pinning the fabric strips on the reverse side of the paper and then by sewing along the grid lines on the right side you end up with a very neat and precise square.  So far I have finished 25 squares but I will continue until my scrap bag is empty.

I’m really pleased with the result and especially happy that it costs me nothing – except time and patience.

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