Monday, June 20, 2011

Tutorial for a little zippy bag.......

I bought a fat quarter of this lovely Japanese fabric and decided to make two little make-up bags with it; at the same time putting into practise recently acquired skills of working with zips.

Needs one 15cm zip, two pieces of cat fabric 15cm x 16cm (because there is a right-side up for the fabric, otherwise a piece of fabric 15cm x 30cm) and one piece of fabric for the lining, 15cm x 30cm.
 With the two short sides of the fabric, right sides together with the zip puller facing the lining, sew with zipper foot on the machine.

Sew the other side in the same manner.

Sew the sides leaving a few centimetres of the lining open, turn to the right side and sew up the opening in the lining.
Turn back to wrong side and sew across each side as shown.  Zigzag across the trimmed seam.
Turn to right side and you have finished.   If you want to put a pull-tag in as I have then this should be done at the same time as the sides are sown together.


  1. Love this...looks like a sewing project I could manage:). Fabric very cute too x

  2. Thank you Lucia - i just love the fabric.

  3. Where did you purchase the fabric? I love it and would like to get some for myself.

  4. Tammy, I bought it from Etsy, it is Japanese linen-type, there is a different coulourway here
    I love it too!